The Creamery Studio


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Peli Roja

Long-time Creamery collaborator, Jacob Plasse, sent me a couple demos last year that had me confused.  “It’s going to be this afrobeaty-latin-funk thing!” he said emphatically.  But the iPhone recordings I got were of a spanish voice singing in a low register over some piano and guitar chords.  Okayyyy?  I was missing the picture but I was encouraging none-the-less since we had a history of great projects together.  But where was the aftro-funk?  Arranger Mike Eckroth worked along side Jacob  and singer/ lyricist Jainardo Batista stepped forward giving a voice to the songs.  Fast forward to the day of the session when Daptone‘s veteran rhythm section stepped into the room along with some of NYC’s most notorious percussionists and horn players. The fire was instantaneous! Jacob had actually only come to me the day before the session asking, “This is just gonna be a rehearsal we use for the demos, but you think you could record them?”  I rolled my eyes and got to work, trying to figure out how to fit this 13-piece band onto my 8- track reel to reel recorder.  It can be done! In two short sessions we captured the 9 songs on the album.  A few overdubs later and a brilliant mix by Jim Bertini and the record was complete.  This is really a uniquely NYC sound that blends Brooklyn’s worldbeat and funk scene with some of the baddest latin players this city produces.  If you can get the vinyl, it sounds extra special.  Pick it up here in digital form.  Thanks to the great players who made recording this a breeze.