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Live Footage- Doyers LP

Some music is so ephemeral that once you try and capture it in the studio, it’s magic completely disappears. It becomes the equivalent of a low-rez, blurry flash photo taken of what you had perceived as a beautiful, mysterious woman dancing in low light- POOF! Gone!  Few bands have what it takes to kneel to the Gods of improvisation and cut a record this way, but I knew Live Footage would be just the band to do it.  For nearly 2 years Live Footage has been cultivating this improvisational sorcery before live audiences at their Apotheka residency.  This two piece band creates such lush worlds of sounds.  I believed we could capture these moody moments in such a way to keep their mystique in tact.  I love this record so damn much.  It’s best heard front to back as there are themes along this narrated voyage.  Here’s the teaser video they produced to give you a little flavor of each cut on the record.  Give the full album a listen and you won’t regret it.