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Los Hacheros- Pilon

No doubt this will go down as one of the finest records ever made at the Creamery – in 3 days- just like olden times!  Disclaimer aside, I love this band and this record.  I went to see them play the first time last winter in Chinatown at this same speakeasy where this music video was shot.  I was floored by the  performance and when the multi-tallented producer (and Tres player), Jacob Plasse, asked if I would record and mix the band on a shoestring in 3 days- how could I say no?  Take a look at the other post “Cuban Tapes” for a little behind the scenes footage.  I wanted to capture the spirit of the room and the feel of the old cuban songs they play.  We even got a party going over here at the end of the session to keep the song and dance alive.  Thanks Los Hacheros- you make recording an old time cuban record seem easy!

P.S. Video shot and edited by Creamery colaberators Evan Felts and Colin Blackshear.  Great job.