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Take a look at the new video for Trumpeter Swan's album The Magnitude of Now.  I co-produced, played on, and mixed this record last year at The Creamery and with with Tom Beaujour at The Nut House 2 rivers away in New Jersey.  Drew Patrizi, (band leader/ mastermind) invited me for a cameo in the video as well!  When I first saw it back, I was dumbfounded- I think because I spent so much time developing the song with something in mind. I didn't immediately see the connection.  It's a serious video that over time, I interpreted as a homage to portraiture through a very modern lens.  How strange the concept of portraiture is in our dynamic/ video enhanced view of things now.  The song deals with a nostalgia in a way the song does.  It's beautifully made and continues to grow on me and continues to spark my curiosity.  It's a great album you can pick up here.