The Creamery Studio


The Creamery Studio-music production, recording, and mixing facility in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Where musical creation rises to the top. © 2015


Fuck you, playlists of sound-alike bands.  Live from the world’s
tastiest melting pot, The Creamery Mixtape 2.O delivers a fresh
installment to their second annual mixtape series on January 19, 2018.
This 12- song compilation was crafted during a 4-day sprint at the
Creamery Studio in Brooklyn and, like a subway car at rush hour, it
crams together an eclectic group of New Yorkers into harmony. The
groups all share one thing in common: the ability to create great
music in front of a tape machine--and fast. Producers Quinn McCarthy
and Jeff Fettig run the studio year-round but set time aside for the
mixtape as a celebration of the city’s varied music scene and as
homage to the live analogue recording art form.

“My personal library of music comes from all different genres and from
all over the world. One of my favorite ways to listen to music these
days is on shuffle,” says McCarthy.  “I enjoy living in the most mixed
up place on earth and the mixtape is our way of capturing that variety
with a common lens, since it’s all been recorded in our space and
mixed with our ears and our vibe.”  

While taste-makers keep trying to push bands like brands, the Creamery
Mixtape broadens the scope of what’s possible to fit under one
umbrella.  Available exclusively on digital release through SoundCloud
and Spotify.